Halloween and Present Continuous for 2nd D

This morning we are going to practise the Present Continuous tense a bit and then we are going to learn about the upcoming Halloween.

Below you have all the steps you have to follow in order to complete our computer lab class:

Present Continuous Practise
1. Present Continuous - Affirmative: Click here
2. Present Continuous - Negative and interrogative: Click here
ATTENTION! You have to copy all the sentences in your notebook. When you finish, call me to check you did it.

Halloween is not a tradition in our country but it is an important date for the English speaking countries. Let's learn about it!

Now you are going to listen and read a text about the origins of Halloween, then you will have to complete the quiz. Click here to start.
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First splitting class

Well, today we have our first lesson in the computer lab. I hope you enjoy it!
In this class you are going to write about a famous person and look for a picture of him/her.

Read and follow these instructions:

- Go to www.google.com and look for information about a famous person you like (singer, artists, sportist, musician, writer, painter...) IN ENGLISH!

- Open a new window (Fitxer / nova pestanya)

- Click on this post and go the "comments" section, click on it.

- In the box you will find under "Leave your comment" you have to write a description about him/her.

You must write about the following items:

Place where he/she lives
Physical appearance

- Here you have an example:

Her name is Madonnna (Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Ritchie). She was born in Michigan (USA) in 1958 but she lives in Marylebone (London). She is a singer, an actress and a composer. Madonna is short, she has got fair hair and brown eyes although she usually uses blue contact lens. She has eleven albums and has acted in twenty-two films.She has got three children: two sons and a daughter.

- VERY IMPORTANT!: When you have finished, call me!!!, do not publish your comment!!!

- Now, you can look for a photograph of this famous person in www.google.com and call me to save the picture.

NOTE: You will see all your compositions and pictures of your famous people very soon in this blog.

See you in two weeks time!
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1A First splitting class: Tuesday 14th of October and 4th of November

Today we have our first splitting class in the computer lab.
Read the following instructions:

1. Read the text that I am going to give you.
- Open a new window (Fitxer / nova pestanya).
- Click on this post and go to the "Comments" section, click on it.
- In the box under "Leave your comment" write a
personal description.

-VERY IMPORTANT!: You have to copy the text I have given to you BUT changing the underlined words with your personal information.

-VERY IMPORTANT!: When you have finished, call me!!!, do not click anywhere!!!

2. Once you have sent your personal description click here and here and complete the exercises.

3. If you have finished click here and play the hangman about months.
See you in two weeks time!
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