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2nd ESO Geography & Sports vocabulary

Revise and learn some vocabulary about Geography and Sports.

GEOGRAPHY 1, by begosantao
Find this and other environment exercises in English Exercises .org

QUIZ : Are a sporty person ? + Test your knowledge about football, 4 famous sportsmen and the Fifa World Cup, by ab25
Find this and other sports exercises in English Exercises .org

More sports here.
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1st of ESO. January 18th.

Hi guys!  How are you?

How was your Sant Antoni Day?   I hope you had fun!

And relax, the weekend it's 'round the corner!

Let's start with our class:

1. Revise: the Present Simple tense &  like / love / enjoy / hate + verb (-ING).  Click HERE.

2. Daily activities. Please read all the sections. (Primer llegeix tots el punts, al final trobaràs l'enllaç)
     a) DON'T DO exercise A

     b) in the EXERCISE B: match the two columns, 
     c) write the daily activity in below (= under) the appropriate   

     d) open the NOTEBOOK and write all the Daily Activities. The  
         title is (as you imagine) DAILY ACTIVITIES.

     e) click HERE.

3. Revise the Present Simple, click on the numbers: 1 (aff), 2 (neg), 3 (int),  4 (int) & 5 (int).

ADVANCED LEARNERS: Read the following text about Saint Anthony Festivity HERE and answer or comple the following:

1. What country is the author talking about?

2. Explain the tradition of "St.Anthony's Bread"

3. What is a "fado"?

4. Where was Saint Anthony from?  Which countries did he travel 
    to?  How did he travel?

5. Explain what happened in the river Ariminus (in Italy) related to Saint Anthony?

6. St. Anthony is the patron of many. Write down some of them.

7. According to St.Anthony tradition,  which steps girls who want to know the  name of their future lover have to follow?

8. When do Portuguese celebrate St.Anthony?  Do you know how is this day called in Majorca?

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2nd of ESO: January 18th.

Hi!   How are you?

Did you have a nice Sant Antoni Day?   I hope so!

And today, just some lessons and we are at the weekend!

So, let's start our class for today:

You won't have as much time as other days because of the small verbs test but let's go for it!

1. Revise the Simple Past a little bit by completing THIS exercise about P.S in negative.

2. Now, revise the interrogative sentences HERE.

3. It's time to learn more vocabulary, this time about sports. 

ALL this sports will be in the next exam so If you don't know some verb please write it on your NOTEBOOK with the title "Sports for the exam". Pay attention to the exercises. Click HERE .

4. If you have finished you can do these exercises: 1, 2, 3


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Daily routines

Practise writing an essay about daily routines with THESE DOCUMENT.

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Describing My ideal home

Soon you will have to write about your ideal home. HERE you have a document to help you with this type of essays.

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January 10th computer class for 1D

Hi guys!    I really hope you had wonderful holidays!!!

Now we are back to school so... let's start!

 1. Practise the Present Simple HERE 

2. Practise questions with question words HERE 

3. Learn some more daily routines HERE.

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