1st ESO: Verbal tense revision

Hi class!  

Summer holidays are round the corner!

But before you have the final exam, here you have exercises to revise different verbal tenses.

1. Practise HERE.

2. More practise HERE.

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1st of ESO: Revision for the final test

Hi class!!!

Ready to practise for the final exam?   

In less than a month you are going to have holidays!!!! 

Here you have an image to revise the Past, Present and Future tenses. Click HERE.

OK, so here you have the exercises to revise:

1. Present Simple HERE.

2. Present Continuous HERE and HERE (more difficult: simple and continuous ).

3. Past Simple HERE and HERE.

EASY exercises:

1. Present Simple. THEORY and EXERCISE

2. Present Continuous. 

     a) Watch and listen:

       b) EXERCISE.

3. Past Simple. 


       Irregular verbs: -ed 2nd column

       Regular verbs:


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1st of ESO: relax after the exam

Hello class!

After finishing the exam you deserve to relax a little bit. So here you have two options:

Option 1: Practise English by listening to a SONG!

Option 2: Visit some important English or American newspapers and write  a summary.

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2D: Future tense

Hi class!

Ready for the test?  Here you have some exercises to practise the FUTURE:

1. Future Simple (WILL) HERE (numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4).  

2. Revise: BE GOING TO + verb HERE (numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4)

3. Complete in your notebook with will or be going to:

     a)  My parents ................(fly) to New York next Saturday at 4.pm
     b)  Perhaps It .............................(snow) at sea level.

     c)  She thinks she.......................(not pass) the German test.

     d) Jane: Oh no.... no.... I lost my book and I need to study for the exam!
         John. I did it yesterday. So, I .....................(lend) it to you, so don't worry!

4. Practise the 1st Conditional HERE and HERE.


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Travel vocabulary

Hi class,

Here you have a link to a page where you CAN DOWNLOAD a PRESENTATION with extra vocabulary about TRAVELLING.

Click HERE.
(To visualise it, the NOTEBOOK program is required)

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Describing a trip

In this unit you have to write about a trip. Click on THIS LINK (A trip to the lake)  to practise writing these type of essays.

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