Time capsules

Hi class!

Today we are going to listening an audio about Time capsules, click HERE


1. How many people are speaking?__________  What are their names?

2. Which objects does Neil want to keep in his time capsule?

3. How old was the time capsule found in Boston? _____________

4. How were the newspaper found? ________________

5. Which % of time capsules are never opened?    __________  Why?_______

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MY WEEKEND: writing in PAST


Hi class!

How was your weekend? Mine was good!

On Saturday morning I went to Sóller to visit my godmother. I drove through the village, I saw many orange trees full of oranges but I didn't see the tram. I visited her with my youngest son; my husband and my eldest son didn't come with us, they stayed at home. 

In the afternoon I drove to Palma to visit my mother at the hospital. We chatted and looked at some pictures. Then, I came back at home, I took the children and we went to Can Beia to have dinner with some friends. There, I ate a piece of a great chocolate cake, it wasn't good, it was delicious!

On Sunday morning I woke up at seven o'clock to correct some tests. I was sleepy but I drank a cup of Cola-Cao and I got energy to start with the corrections.

I went back to Palma to visit my mum again, we didn't get bored as she had some relatives visiting her. After midday, I drove back and I went to have lunch. My mother-in-law cooked a tasty stuffed soup and a meravelous roast chicken with potatoes, mushrooms and artichokes. She is a great cook! We didn't eat desserts, I just had a nice cup of coffee and some chocolates. Later, in the afternoon I met with some friends and we spent a nice time together.

Well, now you know about my weekend and now it is your turn!

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