First Conditional

In this lesson we are going to practise Future (WILL / WON'T) and First Conditional .

First remember how to form the Simple Future:

Affirmative: Subject + WILL + Verb
Negative: Subject + WON'T+ Verb
Interrogative: WILL + Subject + Verb?

1. Revise the Future affirmative and negative HERE and the interrogative HERE.

How to form the First Conditional:

If + Present simple, Future (WILL)


If it rains today, I'll stay at home.

Si avui plou, me quedaré a casa.

If I have time, I'll visit my parents this afternoon.

Si tenc temps, visitaré als meus pares avui horabaixa.

(Or I'll visit my parents this afternoon If I have time)

2. Practise HERE ( Copy and translate this exercise) and HERE.

3. In this exercise you have to put the words in order to make First Conditional sentences.

4. Copy these sentences in your notebook and translate them into English:

-Si jo vaig a la festa, duré un vestit vermell.
-Si ells estudien, aprovaran.
-Si na Maria mira la tele, jo escoltaré música.
-Vosaltres no anireu a la platja si plou.
-Jo no guanyaré la loteria, si no jugo.
-En Joan no tocará el piano si vosaltres no veniu.

5. Recordau que al proper examen vos tornen a entrar els diferents temps verbals que hem estudiat aquest curs. Per això el que ara has de fer és repassar aquests temps verbals.

Amb el verb EAT, fes una frase afirmativa, una negativa i una interrogativa amb els següents temps verbals que sortiran al examen (en total 18 frases):

Present simple i continu
Passat simple i continu
To be + going to
Future simple


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