My Christmas' holidays

My Christmas holidays

This year I had wonderful Christmas holidays. I really hope you all had a great time too! Here you have mine.

On Christmas' Eve I had dinner at my godmother's house in Sóller, she served delicious appetizers and roast beef with vegetables and potato pie. Then, we gave each other our secret Santa presents.

We spent Christmas Day at home. My parents, parents-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and nephews came for lunch. We had many starters too and as a first course we ate the typical Majorcan Christmas soup, stuffed soup with minced meat. As a second course we had squids stuffed with seafood.

On Boxing Day we went to a nice restaurant to have lunch with all our family, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Then, we went to Palma citycentre to enjoy Christmas lights and to visit the town hall nativity scene.

This year we were lucky and went on a trip. My husband, children and I went to south of Bavaria (Germany) and Tyrol (Austria) for six days. We had a great time there! There was much snow, we played a lot, we made a snowman and my older child had great fun playing with a sledge. We also had great food and took wonderful pictures.

We spent New Year's Eve there but with so much playing at 10 pm we were already sleeping! It was the first time we didn't wait for the twelve strikes of midnight.

On New Year's Day we crossed the border Germany-Austria. We drove through really nice villages with typical Bavarian houses, drove by a marvelous lake and had lunch in a village surrounded by huge mountains.
We arrived from our trip on January 5th, just on time to go to the Three Wise Men parade, it was a great night as we received Gaspar and his pages at home.

Then, on the Epiphany Day we went to our relatives' houses to take presents for my children.

So, here you have my Christmas holidays. And now, what about you? Tell us how fun they were!

IMPORTANT: remember that some of the blue words from above will be in your next exam!