Exam contents: oral and Units 1-5

Hi class!

Just around the corner we have our exams so let me remind you the contents!

      Oral exam: Shopping (SB. page 39)
                         Description of images 

 Here you have some tips to avoid this...

                           For you oral exam REMEMBER!:
                               1. using an opening sentences
                               2. focus on the main part of the sentences:What can you see?
                               3. describe the image in detail: on the right/left, at the top /
                                                                 bottom , in the foreground/background
                               4. a) make assumptions (use your imagination!)
                                          -What has happened? or What happens? or What will
                                          happen next? Why?
                                          -use: Maybe/perhaps, I think...
                                   b) use personal stories: This picture reminds me of...

     Units 1-5 exam
               Vocabulary: Workbook Vocabulary bank: pages 116-120 (they are in  
                                    the Student's book too)

                     -Present Simple vs Present Continuous
                     -Past Simple vs Past Continuous
                     -Present Perfect
                     -Present Perfect vs Past Simple
                     -Comparatives and superlatives
                    REMEMBER! At the end of the workbook you have grammar theory



                Writing: The topic of the composition will be the one from Unit 4 or 5.