Materials for the Puppet workshop

Hi guys,

Here you have the materials you need to make your puppets. I will also bring other materials.

Human puppet

2 rolls of toilet paper
white cloth / fabric (20x20)
fabrics of different colours

small buttons
one straight stick (40cm)


1 roll of toilet paper (WITH the paper)
grey paper
white paper with colors to paint (pink and black)
2 round pieces of cardboard 


1 piece of green modelling clay (plastilina)


white paper
black and green pens/crayons
a small red piece of paper (or one painted in red)


3 or 4 rolls of toilet paper
 a plastic glass
 red OR green paint to paint them OR you can bring red or green paper to wrap (embolicar)    the rolls  and glass
 a  small piece of white paper and a red pen to paint the tongue 

Attention!!!!         Click HERE to see the steps you may follow (but use 3 or 4 rolls of toilet paper 
                              to  make the body)