Your favourite song

Hi class! 

I really hope you  had nice holidays!

This week Marlena is presenting us her favourite song and we both would like to know about your favourite song!  So here you have the required information you need.

Remember it's an oral presentation and you can't read!

You don't have to do a power point but If you do one, please do not write paragraphs!  Just paste photos and a part of the lyrics.

This oral presentation will be the third term oral exam! So please no reading at all!
The presentation will have three parts: 1.Song, 2.Artist, 3. song explanantion.


1. SONG                                              2. ARTIST BIOGRAPHY

Title                                                     Name
Artist                                                   Age
Year                                                     Where are they from?
Genre                                                   Where did they study?
Why do you like it?                              Who are their influences?
                                                             Interesting facts about them

3. Then, EXPLAIN what the SONG is about!