Introducing myself

Hi guys!
Today in our splitting class we are going to do a speaking activity: Let's introduce ourselves!

Here you have an example:

My English teacher's introduction

Hi!  My name is Mª Francisca and I am thirty-three years old. I am neither tall nor short, I have long dark hair and brown eyes. I have a dog called Whisky, it is small, brown and very nervous. My favourite food is hot chocolate with the typical Majorcan cake called "Ensaïmada", I love it! About music I can tell you that my favourite singer is Madonna and my favourite groups are Coldplay and Antònia Font. This last group is going to release a new album very soon, I am very excited about that. Related to sports I love swimming, I think it is a very relaxing sport. I also like hiking on the mountains, the Tramuntana mountain range is an excellent place to go. When I was a teenager I was a girl scout and we made beautiful campings along the Tramuntana. Referring to my hobbies I can tell you that I love photography and travelling above all. My favourite journey was the one along the Silk Road, it was amazing!

In the future I would love to get to know Spain a bit more and Iceland, Easter Island and many other places! But what I love most is enjoying life: meeting with friends, singing SingStar with them, organising dinners, going to the beach, drinking a Coke and eating some olives in a bar by the sea, playing with my baby, having fun with my family, etc!
And what about you?  Tell us!