1st of ESO Computer class for Nov 15th/16th

Good morning!

Today we are going to revise some contents we study in the units 2 and 3. 

 Subject pronouns

1.Revise the personal pronouns. Write the answers in your notebook.
Fill in the right subject pronoun:
Example:  Painting is my favourite hobby. It is an interesting hobby.
1) Thomas is a baker. _________wakes up every day in the morning at 3 o ́clock.
2) Maria likes to read. ______________________________reads a history book.
3) John and I stay in the garden._______________________ play a funny game.
4) _____________________________________know a lot about music, Peter.
5) ____________________________________________________ is very late.

Fill in the right subject pronoun:
Example:  My parents love animals. They have two dogs and one cat.
1) Peter and Stephanie go to the station. _____________take the train to Munich
2) Peter is very famous. ____________________________is a very good painter
3) My sister is not good at mathematics. ___________________needs a little help.
4) Doris and I want to earn lots of money, so ___________have to work very hard.
5) Don’t forget to get up early, tomorrow. ___________must call me in the morning.

Easy option (for students who need to revise a little bit more)


 2. In this exercise we are going to revise There is / there are and some prepositions of place in the exercise number 1.
Then,you have Pres. Simple in exercise number 2. 
Click HERE.


3. Practise the Present Simple by clicking HERE.


4. Remember we use the preposition BY with means of transport. But sometimes we have to write another preposition such as ON or IN.Practise HERE.

5. Revise the vocabulary of Unit 2: places in town. Click HERE (click on New Game) OR HERE.

* Advanced students, here you have your work for  

Present Simple tense

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