2 ESO Computer class for Nov 19th.

Good morning!

How was your weekend?  It's Monday but don't worry!

Today we are going to revise some contents from unit 2 & 3.

1. Revise the Present Continuous HERE and HERE.               
Easy option

2. Remember that in these units we are learning when we have to use Present Simple and when Present Continuous. READ the following:

Revise when we use one or the other:

Simple Present                                               Present Continuous
in general (regularly, often, never)

Colin plays football every Tuesday.
present actions happening one after another
First Colin plays football, then he watches TV.

right now

Look! Colin is playing football now.
also for several actions happening at the same time
Colin is playing football and Anne is watching.
Signal words
  • always
  • every ...
  • often
  • normally
  • usually
  • sometimes
  • seldom
  • never
  • first
  • then
  • at the moment
  • at this moment
  • today
  • now
  • right now
  • Listen!
  • Look!
Note: The following verbs are usually only used in Simple Present:
be, have, hear, know, like, love, see, smell, think, want

3. Practise Present Simple OR Continuous HERE and HERE.

4. It's time for vocabulary! House and furniture vocabulary: click the following exercises: 1, 2, 3 (copy in your notebook Where we live & Where we work) 4: (read the section Other rooms and Miscellanous Places AND copy the words in your notebook) and 5 (difficult crossword with the words from exercise 4).

Vocabulary: the house ans its objects click HERE and HERE. Now you can play a little bit HERE 

* Advanced students, here you have your work for  

Discover DUBLIN by reading and doing the Activity 1 you'll find at the top of this page:Weekend in Dublin!