Images Description

1. Here you have  a WONDERFUL link to a post made by another High School teacher which is great to DESCRIBE PEOPLE. Click HERE!!!!!

(At the end of the post you have a GUIDE to decribe images)

2. Here you have some other information to describe images:

A) Interesting and short presentation. Useful!

B) Easy and advanced vocabulary:

C) People's appearance


Where in the picture?

At the top/bottom of the picture ...
In the middle of the picture ...
On the left/right of the picture ...
next to
in front of
on top of
In the foreground/background you can see ...
In the foreground/background there is ...
At the top/At the bottom there is ...
On the left/right there are ...
Behind/In front of ... you can see ...
Between ... there is ...

3. Here you have a guide to follow to describe images:

NEW Describing images GUIDE

1. In this picture we can see - there is/are – the photo shows...
2. Say what is happening:
The man/woman/girl/boy/people is/are verb + ing.

3. Describe the physical appearance
age: She / he is about ......

height: She/he is tall/short/medium-height...

weigh: She/he is slim/skinny/fit/slender/overweight/fat...

eyes: She / he has got ....... eyes
hair: She / he has got (1)short/medium length/long,
(2)straight/wavy/curly, (3) blonde/dark/grey/red hair
She/he has plaits/a pony-tail, dreadlocks, bun.

skin: She/he has dark/light-brown/tanned/white/pale skin

other description: She/he has moustache, beard, sharp
chin/nose, wide forehead, wrinkles, freckles, etc
clothes: She / he is wearing.... (1)colourful/striped/
(2) shirt/pullover/trousers, etc

3. She/he looks happy/nervous/tired..., etc = sembla (referent a

4.Choose one option:
a) It reminds me of.... (me recorda a )
b) Invent what happens: I think she / he .... verb

If something isn’t clear you can use MAYBE or I THINK!!!