Travelling bloggers

Hi guys,

Today you are going to visit a travelling blog and discover the life of travelling bloggers.

Answer the following questions. Look for the information here on this link.

1. Write the name of the blog.

2. Go at the end of the page and write the name of the last POST of the page:

3. Stay on the last post of the page and click on READ MORE. What happens?

4. Stay on the post.
    What is the first post about? The first post they wrote, so it is the last of the page on the last page.
    Note that the last post they wrote appears as the first on the blog.

    a) What did they write?
    b) What is the image showing?

5. c) What does this mean Share with your friends .... ?
   d) How can you do it?

6. e) What does this mean Date Created:  ?
    f) and this Update:  ?

7. Go on reading. What are the comments  ?  And the Reply button?
8. Go back (make sure you are on page 27 - you can see it at the bottom) and have a look to the post      "What a day we dreamt".

   g) What happened here?

9. What does the date below the photo mean?

10. Go at the top of the page. These are PAGES.

     Discuss with your partner: What can each page refer to?

11. Watch the video you find at the top right part of the blog. Enjoy it!

12. Have a look to their Around the world trip by clicking on other pages (do it at the bottom of the page). DON'T go to the first ones as they are not about this trip. Visit pages 25, 20, 17, etc but not the first ones!!!)

13. So, what is the difference of a blog and a webpage? We will discuss it the whole class together.

14. What is a travelling blogger? We'll all talk about it.