1A Reading class

Avui practicarem la comprensió lectora.

1. Read


Rachel is twelve years old and she's playing a computer game called SimCity. This is Rachel's description of Sun City, her ideal town...

The weather in Sun City is always sunny and warm. The temperature is always about 25 degrees centigrade.

In the centre of Sun City, there's a park. There's also a sports centre. It's opposite the park. There are some cafés and there are lots of shops too. There's a cinema but there isn´t a museum. There aren't any cars or buses in Sun City. people walk or use bikes.

The people in Sun City are very happy. They don´t work. They play football and basketball and they go swimming and do aerobics.

Sun City is a great place!

Text by Oxford Spotlight, 1.

2. Answer:

(en acabar ensenya'm les frases per corregir-les)

a) What's the weather like in Sun City?
b) Where's the sports centre?
c) Are there any shops?
d) Do people use buses?
e) Do people work in Sun City?
f) What sports do people do?

3. Translate the text.

Aquí tens paraules que et poden ajudar a traduir el text:

called: anomenat
always: sempre
degrees centigrade: graus centigrads
also: també
some: alguns
too: també
great place: lloc fantàstic