2A Past Simple: negative & interrogative

Llegeix totes les frases i posa atenció al que heu de fer!!!!!!!

1. Read and COPY the theory on your notebook.

Com es forma una frase en PAST SIMPLE en NEGATIU?

Subjecte + DIDN'T (=DID + NOT) + Verb en infinitiu (regul: sense -ed /irregul: 1era columna)


Mary didn't study Maths.
We didn't sleep 2 hours.

Com es forma una frase en PAST SIMPLE en INTERROGATIVE?

DID + Subject + Verb en infinitiu (regular: sense -ed /irregular: 1era columna) ?


Did Mary study Maths?
Did we sleep 2 hours?

2. LOOK at this video and DO (fer) its 3 EXERCISES. (Trobaràs els exercicis als minuts 2.21, 2.46 i 3.26)

3. Practise:

-Past simple negative HERE
-Past simple interrogative HERE
-P.S affirmative, negative and interrogative HERE and HERE.

4. Look at the following text about Fernando Alonso. CHANGE all the verbs in past from affirmative to negative form in your NOTEBOOK.

RECORDA com es fa la negativa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject + DIDN'T + Verb en infinitiu*

*(sense -ED si és regular i si és irregular es posa el verb de la 1ª columna de la plana 128 del llibre de text o AQUÍ)

Evidentment si feim aquest canvi el text no té sentit però ho feim perquè practiqueu la negativa en passat.

Copia el text SENCER (amb els verbs en negativa) al QUADERN.

Fernando Alonso became the youngest ever Formula One champion at the age of just 24.
The Spaniard finished third behind Juan Pablo Montoya in the Brazilian Grand Prix, and there are two more races he won.
Kimi Raikkonen, Alonso's only rival to the title, finished second behind his McLaren team-mate Montoya.
Alonso was already the youngest driver to take pole position and the youngest to win a race.
After the race the driver said he was delighted with his victory.
"I am extremely happy and it is a very emotional day for me," explained Alonso.
"I come from a country with no tradition in Formula One and I fought alone basically because I didn´t have any help from anybody all throughout my career."
He also told he thought he had obtained the most he desired in his life and career.