2C Dialogue and grammar.

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1. Practise the Dialogue.
a) Read this dialogue (you can find it on your Student's book page 58, number 1)

ALEX: Can I go to the cinema with Joe this evening?
DAD: Yes, sure. That's a nice idea.
ALEX: Great! Can we go to the Internet café after the film?
DAD: No, you can't. Sorry.
ALEX: Why not?
DAD: Because it's Monday evening. You've got school tomorrow.
ALEX: Oh, ok...
Text by Oxford Spotlight, 2.

b) Write your own dialogue in pairs. Follow the structure of exercise 1 using this information:

-invite my friend to my house? / yes

-go to London this afternoon / no (You've a lot of homework)

c) Practise this dialogue with your partner, it's important for the oral exam.

If you have to wait for your colleagues you can go on these activities.
We are going to learn about SO (així que o tan).
- I am tired, so I'm going to sleep = Estic cansada així que vaig a dormir.
- You are so nice = Ets tan amable.

a) Copy the theory about SO / AND / BUT / OR / BECAUSE on your NOTEBOOK.

b) Do activities 2 and 3.

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Revise the Past Continuous by doing these exercises.
Remember how to form it HERE.

a) Click HERE
b) Click HERE
c) Click HERE
d) Click HERE

4. If you finish, play a little bit. Click Unit 6