2 B class

Today we are going to do some grammar and practise reading skills.

1. Read this text. Copy the questions on an open office document and answer them.

The Bermuda Triangle

It was a sunny afternoon in 1945. Five American planes were flying over the sea near Florida. Everything was fine. Suddenly, the pilots sent a strange message to their controllers: "This is an emergency. We're lost".

"Fly west", the controllers said. The pilots sent this answer: "Everything is wrong, strange. We aren't sure of any direction. The sea looks different".

Then, the five planes disappeared. The pilots' last words were: "We are completely lost". The controllers sent another plane to look for the pilots. That plane disappeared too.

Soon, people were talking about the "Bermuda Triangle". Strange things happen in this part of the ocean. For example, an American ship called the USS Cyclops disappeared. There were 300 men on the ship. The weather was sunny. The ship did not send any messages. Where did it go? Nobody knows. The Bermuda Triangle is a
Text and some questions by Oxford Spotlight, 2.

a) When did five American planes disappear?
b) Where were the five planes flying over?
c) Which was the pilots' problem?
d) Was it raining when they disappeared?
e) Why did the controllers send another plane?
f) Which were the pilots' last words?
g) What happened to the other plane?
h) Why were people talking about "The Bermuda Triangle"?
i) What was the USS Cyclops?
j) Did the USS Cyclops send any messages?

If you have to wait for your colleagues you can go on these activities.
We are going to learn about SO (així que o tan).
- I am tired, so I'm going to sleep = Estic cansada així que vaig a dormir.
- You are so nice = Ets tan amable.

a) Copy the theory about SO / AND / BUT / OR / BECAUSE on your NOTEBOOK.

b) Do activities 2 and 3.

Click HERE

Revise the Past Continuous by doing these exercises.
Remember how to form it HERE.

a) Click HERE
b) Click HERE
c) Click HERE
d) Click HERE

4. If you finish, play a little bit. Click Unit 6

Corey and Julia, now you can learn a little bit about English history and literature.
Go to THIS LINK and:
-copy the title and each questions on an open office document.
-look for the appropriate answer at google.com
-write the correct answer on the open office document.