2B & C Past Continuous

Welcome back again! I hope you had nice holidays!

Today we are going to work on Unit 6: The PAST CONTINUOUS tense.

1. It is very similar to Present Continuous but instead of using verb to be in present (am/is/are) you have to use the verb to be in past (was + were). The rest is the same. Look at this structure.

Affirmative: Subject + was / were + Verb (-ing)
Example: They were playing football
Ells estaven jugant a futbol.

Negative: Subject + wasn't / weren't + Verb (-ing)
Example: Mary wasn't reading a magazine
Na Maria no estava llegint una revista.

Interrogative: Was / were + Subject + Verb (-ing) ?
Example: Were my cousins dancing?
Els meus cosins estaven ballant?

2. Practice this verbal tense.

Pay attention!!!!: copy on your notebook five sentences from the second exercise.

a) Affirmative form: click HERE and HERE.
b) Negative form: click HERE and HERE.
c) Interrogative form: click HERE.
d) Aff, neg and interr forms: click HERE and HERE.

3. For Corey & Júlia: Read this text and in the blanks write Past SIMPLE or Past CONTINUOUS. Click HERE.

4. Vocabulary: In this unit we have to study the parts of the house.

In the following link you have to click on: the bedroom picture, the living-room picture, the bathroom and the kitchen picture.

De cada habitació has de fer una llista al teu quadern dels objectes més importants. Click HERE.

1. You can practise for the exam the Past Perfect tense HERE and HERE.

2. You can review Relative clauses HERE, HERE and HERE.