Coneix a Robert Graves

Com ja sabeu el dimecres dia 5 (2C) i 12 (2B) de maig anirem a visitar la Casa de Robert Graves a Deià.

Així, avui farem feina sobre aquest escriptor per què el pogueu conèixer i saber una mica d'ell quan anem a visitar ca seva, " Ca n'Alluny".

Here I introduce you to Robert Graves

1. Read this biography about Robert Graves and answer the questions on the NOTEBOOK.

Robert Graves was an English writer. He was born in Wimbledon (London) in England in 1895. He was a writer. He wrote novels, poems and biographies. Robert Graves studied at the University of Oxford.

In the First World War he was a soldier and he was hurt. He married Nancy Nicholson in 1918. Then, he moved to Cairo (Egypt) to work at the University of Cairo. At the university he worked as a teacher. In 1929 Robert came to Mallorca for the first time and lived with a friend in Deià but with the Civil War they left the island and went away.

He wrote his famous novel I, Claudius in 1934. In 1939, he moved to England and started a new relationship with a lady called Beryl Hodge. After the Second World War in 1946 Graves came to Mallorca. He lived in Deià again. He married his girlfriend here in 1950.

On December 7th, 1985 Robert Graves died in his house in Mallorca.

a) What was Robert Grave's job?
b) Where was he born?
c) When was he born?
d) What did he write?
e) Where did he study?
f) What was Graves in the First World War? What happened to him?
g) When did he come to Mallorca for the first time?
i) What did he do with the Spanish Civil War?
j) Which is the name of his famous novel?
k) When did he come back to Mallorca again to stay forever?
l) When and Where did he die?

2. Now, learn about he house where he lived, "Ca n'Alluny".
You can do these activities on an open offic
e document with the title "Robert Graves' house".

Ca n'Alluny

Find the information you need in THE HOUSE in THIS LINK.

a) What can you find in the Auditorium?

b) Write the name of five plants you can find at Robert Graves' house.

c) Who built the house?
d) When did they build the house?
e) What can you find BEHIND the house?
f) Write three objects that are original.

3. Now, we are going to learn about his BIBLIOGRAPHY.

You have to write the name of:

- 3 books of poetry
- 3 books of fiction
- other 3 works

You can find this information HERE.

4. If you want you can visit his house "Ca n'Alluny" in Deià HERE.

Ca n'Alluny, Deià