2 A & B Let's practise the FUTURE

Welcome again!

Today we're going to revise:
- unit 8 vocabulary ( not 2A)
-modal verb: must/musn't (not 2A)
- tow form of future: to be + going to and will
- reading comprehension: Food festivals


1. Revise unit 8 vocabulary (Places to go) HERE.

2. Practise the modal verb must (has de) HERE.

Remember we can form the Future with two structures:

-to be (is/are/am) + going to (She is going to buy a new computer)

-will (She will buy a new computer)

3. Practise the structure to be + going to HERE , HERE, HERE and HERE.

4. Practise the Future simple tense with WILL / WON'T HERE, HERE and HERE.

5. Read this text and answer the following questions on the NOTEBOOK:


Tomato festival
The tomato festival, or Tomatina, takes place every year in Buñol (Valencia) in Spain. It's in August. People come to the centre of town with thousands of tomatoes. They have a tomato figh.

Strawberry festival
In Florida in the USA, there's a strawberry festival each year. the festival is in March. There are parades, games and funfairs. People eat strawberries and celebrate the beginning of the strawberry season.

Cheese-rolling festival
In May the cheese-rolling festival takes place in Gloucester, a small town in England. At the festival, people push a large cheese down a hill. They run after the cheese and try to catch it. If you catch the cheese, you're the winner.

Eurochocolate festival
In October, the Eurochocolate Festival takes place in Perugia, in Italy. This a big festival for people who love chocolate. You can learn about chocolate and you can eat lots of chocolate too.

Exercises on the notebook (write the questions and answers):

A) In which four countries do the festivals take place?

B) Read the sentences and identify the festivals.

People run down a hill
There are parades and funfairs
It takes place in Italy
There's a fight with food
It takes place in Spain
It takes place in March
Texts by Oxford Spotlight 2.

C) Answer to the following questions:

1.In which part of the town does the Tomatina take place?
2.Why do people celebrate the Strawberry season?
3.Who is the winner in the Cheese-rolling festival?
4.What can you do with chocolate at the Eurochocolate festival?

6. If you finish you can practise more HERE (go to 2ESO and click on
Unit 8 - Extension)

here you have a big explanation of the Passive Voice in many verbal tenses. Read it carefully and then do the next exercises.

Theory: click HERE
Exercises: 1, 2, 3 and 4.